Long-hauler's Support Protocol

About This Protocol

This protocol has been formulated based on research and data regarding specific nutrients that play important roles in supporting the body’s defense process, namely modulating or encouraging immune system function and balance. Equally important for an individual who has just been critically ill would be to ensure proper nutrition to support optimal energy production on a cellular and mitochondrial level, as after all, this is where the strength and vitality of life come from, by supplying our bodies with enough available power to get us through our daily activities.

The products included in our suggested Covid Long-hauler’s Support Protocol have been individually chosen and combined to provide the body with the building blocks it needs, down to a cellular and mitochondrial level, to encourage strength and stamina as well improve immune system function.

Are you a “COVID Long-hauler”?

Long-lasting symptoms are fairly similar to what people experience in the acute phase of the illness, but typically not as severe. It often includes: coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and diarrhea. But perhaps the most significant symptom that is being seen across the board in coronavirus long-haulers is fatigue. Oftentimes this group feels very run down and tired. They can’t exert themselves or exercise and simple tasks (like walking to the mailbox) will often leave them feeling exhausted. Chronic fatigue like we’re seeing in this group can be incredibly debilitating and frustrating.

While we do not know all there is to know about COVID, it would make sense to support the body on a cellular and mitochondrial level not only after a compromise to the immune system, but also as we age in general.

This protocol includes 4 products that work synergistically to support the entire body. It is recommended to follow the protocol exactly as designed, in most cases.

1: A very comprehensive product formulation that includes a high concentration of Vitamin C and Immune supportive components. It contains Humic and Fulvic, which helps create an environment where nutrition is shuttled into cells easier while toxins and waste products (free radicals) are removed from cells more efficiently (it creates more efficient permeability of the cellular wall). Since the cells contain mitochondria, this becomes a great product to improve cellular energy function.

2: A medicinal mushroom complex that is traditionally used to support the body during and after an attack on the immune system. Not only are fresh mushrooms a great plant food source of Vitamin D, but this product can “improve one’s ability to overcome physical, mental and emotional stresses of all kinds, defend against disease causing pathogens and environmental toxins and help restore a severely compromised immune system. It is especially good for chronic fatigue symptoms.”

3 and 4: These adjunct products are recommended for immune support and are two components that are not included in the first two products.

These products work together to enhance and balance the immune system. As always when trying to balance and improve immune system function, an individual would want to eat a whole food diet, eliminate sugar and processed foods, get quality sleep regularly, and support/improve adrenal function.

This protocol is designed to be completed under Practitioner supervision.

To order this simple, yet effective protocol, or if you have any questions please contact me.

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