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Nutritional Service Fees


15 Minute Complimentary Discovery Session (Are we a good fit for each other)

15 minute opportunity to ask questions about services. Practitioner may ask some basic questions about health, diet, lifestyle and goals.

New Client Initial Consultation

Review of all assessments and intake information. This is the time to elaborate on health concerns and formulate preliminary goals. 30 – 45 minutes

Note: A 30 minute follow up visit, 2-3 weeks after the initial visit is typically scheduled to check progress and tweak goals. Fees below. 

A la Carte 30

Up to 30 minute nutrition or coaching session

A la Carte 60

Up to 60 minute nutrition or coaching session


Nutritional Reassessment – 6 months after an initial consultation

Grocery Store Tour

Guided tour of the grocery store with our Hoilistic Nutrition Health Coach.

Topics Covered: Label deciphering, ingredient selection, meal planning, smart substitiutions, efficient shopping, empowered choices. This is a one on one 90 minute tour. Great for individuals, or bring the whole immediate family.  

Coaching Fees


“Trying it Out”

6 weeks – 30 minute Coaching Sessions

“I’m Committed”

12 weeks – 30 minute Coaching Sessions

“Change My Life”

24 weeks – 30 minute Coaching Sessions

Note: For convenience and client compliance, all nutrition and coachineg services can be held in person, by phone or virtual. 

Services Offered

Fees vary based on specific service and client’s insurance coverage (Lab/blood work)

Nutritional Genomic Testing

Analysis of your DNA for specific nutrition, physical activity, and other selected health and wellness related genetic markers. Following nutrition and physical activity recommendations based on the results has been shown to reduce risk of chronic disease and promote optimal health. It is the difference between following general population based dietary advice and individualized DNA-based dietary advice. 4 reports are available to support general health, athletes, plant based diets and fertility. Review of findings with Practitioner is included in the fee.

Cellular Nutrition Assays (CNA) by Cell Science Systems

The next generation of Functional nutrition testing. Addresses patients’ nutritional needs at the functional cellular level. Three assays provide clients with comprehensive information regarding nutrient insufficiencies (CMA- Cellular Micronutrient Assay), overall antioxidant function and antioxidants that may be particularly beneficial (Redox/APA – Antioxidant Protection Assay). Practitioner recommendations are made based on test results.

ALCAT Testing by Cell Science Systems

The Alcat Test uncovers foods and other substances that trigger cronic inflammation and related health conditions, such as gastrointestinal, respiratory, and joint issues as well as migraine, dermatitis, fatigue, and metabolic disorders. The Alcat Test can measure cellular reactions to over 450 substances. Scientific studies using the Alcat Test to guide diet have shown significant improvement of many common symptoms. Practitioner recommendations are made based on test results.

Lab/Blood Work

Scripts available through the office for standard blood tests to assess biomarkers. For clients without insurance, we work with Any Lab Test Now in Newtown, Pa to provide tests at reduced fees.

Saliva Testing

Non-invasive, at-home saliva test kits. Results are forwarded to the practitioner. Practitioner recommendations are made based on test results.

pH Testing

Quick and non-invasive test to check pH of saliva or urine. Recommendations may be made to help a client become more alkaline.

Iodine Skin Test

Non-invasive, 6 hour skin patch test to determine if a client may benefit from iodine supplementation.


Click here to learn more about time tested and effective programs that are available. 

These programs gently and naturally help the body become more balanced, leading to greater health. 


Clients often see the best results by combining specific nutritional supplements with a healthy diet and lifestyle goals. 

I work with many different companies and only recommend products that are of the highest quality. 

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I like to share products that I personally use and believe my clients will benefit from.

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My Mission

To guide as many as possible, through education, coaching and example, on how to live a holistic and natural life, because I truly believe it’s how we were designed.

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