My goal as a Holistic Nutritionist is to help clients become more “Holistic in Health” through science based nutrition.

As a Health & Wellness Coach my role is to assist clients reach their health, nutrition, and lifestyle goals.

Don’t know what your goals are yet? Feeling overwhelmed after your last Doctor’s visit? Not sure where to start? No worries, together we’ll create a plan.

Why Choose a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner?

About Me

What does Holistic Mean?

Your First Visit

Your initial visit begins long before we ever meet in person. When you schedule an appointment as a new client, I gather a lot of information that will help me learn who you are.

I glean a greater understanding of what your patterns and typical day generally look like from how you sleep, what medications and supplements you take, your exercise and dietary habits, and how much stress you experience on a daily basis.

From here I determine how I can best help you move toward a more holistic lifestyle based on the level of support you desire.


A Wish for You

I would like to help everyone I meet to become more “Holistic in Health”, but maybe our paths will never cross again (although I hope they do). Regardless, my wish is a healthier life for you, so I encourage you to make this one product part of your everyday health and wellness routine

(This product is also a primary part of my Covid Long-hauler’s Support Protocol.)

My Clients Speak

New Momma

“Their knowledge of, and guidance on supplements, diagnostic testing, and holistic approaches to fertility was invaluable.”

Hardworking Husband

I eat a lot healthier since working with Katya. I used to crave sugar, but I don’t any more so I am not eating “junk” food.

COVID Long-hauler

“I haven’t been able to exert myself at all without feeling like death, and I’m feeling so much stronger. Thank you, Katya, from the bottom of my heart.”

My Mission

To guide as many as possible, through education, coaching and example, on how to live a holistic and natural life, because I truly believe it’s how we were designed.

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